Tandem Disc Standard Wheelset

#w4000M-700XXTandem - Item is available.

USD$ 573.00

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Velocity is known for making some of the strongest wheels on the planet. Tandem bicycles need nothing less than the best, strongest wheelset available. Tandems bicycles are a breed of their own, and the wheels for your tandem required to perform as efficiently as possible, in some of the harshest conditions a bicycle wheel can be put through such as, heavy loads, wider tires, higher tire pressures, speed, and braking these are all taken into consideration when we build up your Tandem wheelset.

Each rim in our Tandem wheelset line up has been carefully selected to fulfill all the requirements needed in a tandem wheelset. The different options available have their trade-offs in weight and strength characteristics but can be selected to perform to your intended use and application of your bike. These applications may vary by tire widths you are currently running, type of riding you are doing, or loads you are carrying.

Each wheelset will come with the best rim tape or Velopluge solution properly installed on your wheelset. Valves can be purchased separately and installed for an additional price if you are running a tubeless tire application.

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