Recumbent Standard Wheelset

#Recumbent Wheelset - Item is available.

USD$ 456.00

Rim Color
Front Hub
Front Wheel Spoke Count
Rear Hub
Rear Wheel Spoke Count
Front Rim
Rear Rim
Spoke Type
Nipple Type


A23 rims are our lightest option and include a tubeless web. This allows the use of tubeless type tires as well as traditional tires, but requires that a thin, tubeless type rim strip (included) be used and also makes a very tight rim/tire interface. If you have issues mounting and unmounting tires, the Dyad is a better option.

Dyad rims are our best all around option for 1.5" range tires to be run at pressures below 85 psi.
Cliff Hanger rims are our best option for a 45c or larger tire to be run at higher pressures or for wider tires at moderate pressures.

All wheels come with the best rim rim strip solution for that wheel, A23s and Cliffhangers are installed with Velotape, and Dyads with Veloplugs.

All wheels are proudly handbuilt by

Lacing Pattern (F | R) 3x | 3x
Rear Hub O.L.D. 130mm | 135mm
Spoke Count (F | R) 32 | 32
Brakes Rim Brakes | Disc Brakes

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