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Cliffhanger - 27.5"

#40000-584XX - Item is available.

USD$ 104.00

Black MSW Spoke Count


We can't give you a warm blanket on a cold night, but we can give you a touring rim that won't leave you stranded. The Cliffhanger is the best tool for your next adventure. A travel companion that will never complain, give up, or use your last new tube. Strength comes first...short and stout sidewalls guard against pinch flats and denting from impacts: a pothole, a rocky descent, or dodging that rhino outside of Jakarta. A generous 25mm internal rim width allows more tire contact with the road which supports you and your gear more safely and comfortably than conventional narrow rims. Tubeless is optional, though thin rim tape is required for best tire fit.

Tubeless Ready Tire Width Range - 45mm to 65mm
B.S.D. 584
Size 27.5" - 650B
E.R.D. 560
Weight 625g

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