700c Standard Touring Wheelset

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USD$ 456.00

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Our Standard Touring Wheelset lineup is designed around our Standard hub models, built up with Sapim Leader stainless steel 14g Spokes, and brass nips. Our standard hubs feature sealed cartridge bearing, steel axles, and steel cassette bodies. Strength, durability, and longevity are the most important on the open road for miles and miles of worry free touring. The versatility of the standard touring wheelset can be custom designed for your application and needs. It features some of our strongest rim options available built into perfection to exacting specifications that balances weight and strength. Our standard setup features either the Dyad, Atlas, or Cliffhanger rim. We offer a 32/32 or 36/36 spoke count, laced 3 cross.

All wheels are proudly handbuilt by

Hubs 130mm or 135mm
Nipple Black or silver brass
Spoke Count 32 or 36 Front and Rear
Spoke Type Sapim Leader or Race
Weight 830 Front | 1090 Rear

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