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Deep V Track Rear Wheel

#w34XX-700326X - Item is available.

USD$ 215.00

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The Deep V has definitely been around the block a few times. It's one of the strongest rims out there, it has earned its keep and is still our top selling rim. If you aren't a gram counter and are looking for durability, what more is there to look for? The Deep V has earned its street cred.

DT Competition 14/15 gauge spokes save 30 grams per wheel and will outlast a standard 14 gauge spoke.

Alloy nipples save 20 grams per wheel.

Includes a lockring.

All wheels are proudly handbuilt by

Due to the custom nature of available wheel build options, there are no returns.

Size 700c
B.S.D. 622
O.L.D. 120mm
Spoke Count 32 | 36
Lacing 3x
Bearings b6000 (2)

Shipping Notes

Item can not be returned. All sales final

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