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Deep V Track Front Wheel

#w34XX-700321X - Item is available.

USD$ 175.00

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The Deep V has definitely been around the block a few times. It's one of the strongest rims out there, it has earned its keep and is still our top selling rim. If you aren't a gram counter and are looking for durability, what more is there to look for? The Deep V has earned its street cred.

Hollow axle hubs save 50 grams per wheel and are a simpler, more durable design.

DT Competition 14/15 gauge spokes save 30 grams per wheel and will outlast a standard 14 gauge spoke.

Alloy nipples save 20 grams per wheel.

All wheels are proudly handbuilt by

Due to the custom nature of available wheel build options, there are no returns.

Size 700c
B.S.D. 622
O.L.D. 100mm
Spoke Count 32 | 36
Lacing 3x
Bearings b6000 (2)

Shipping Notes

Item can not be returned. All sales final

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